By 90Min
November 12, 2017

Footballers kicking fans has become a thing again, we suspect thanks to Patrice Evra.

The Frenchman was recently banned from European matches by UEFA for kicking a supporter - of his own club, mind you - in the face, ahead of a Europa League match between Marseille and Vitoria last week.

He has since left Marseille, with the player and club agreeing to have his contract terminated.

We really don't want to make this a French thing, but the last two notable incidents of fan-kicking were conjured up by Frenchmen - just saying.

Anyhoo, former Manchester United star Lee Sharpe has given his account of Eric Cantona's infamous kung-fu administered to a Crystal Palace supporter back in 1995. 

In fact, he's made at least two minutes of stand-up comedy out of it, revealing how Sir Alex Ferguson reacted to the whole thing.

United put in a poor performance at Selhurst Park on the day, drawing 1-1, but the players were certain their regrettable displays would be overshadowed by Cantona's antics.

As it turns out, they were wrong.

"There's no way in a million years the gaffer can b*llock us for playing sh*t after (Cantona's) just done that," Sharpe said whilst describing the events that followed the kick.

The rest, you could check out in the video below. 

WARNING: Be mindful of Sharpe's colourful language.

Well that is actually quite funny, especially if it's true. But you do suspect that Sharpe isn't being entirely truthful, as no teeth were reported as having gotten loose.

Cantona, though, got less hairdrying than the rest of the squad, and it does make sense.

Who would confront a fiery Frenchman who had just leaped through the air to kick a fan? Certainly not Sir Alex.

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