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November 16, 2017

Angel Di Maria was 'unhappy' whilst at Manchester United for two specific reasons, according to the club's former translator, Debora Gomes. 

The 29-year-old joined the Red Devils in 2014 from Real Madrid for a fee of £59.7m, but spent just one season at Old Trafford after struggling to adjust to the demands of English football. 

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However, in an interview with Esporte Interativo, via the Mirror, the club's former translator revealed the Argentine's issues extended beyond the field of play and into the club's profit driven philosophy which reared its head following Alex Ferguson's departure. 

Gomes claimed United did not buy Di Maria for his ability to win them titles, but for the shirts his name could sell, and this and the fact he was isolated made him unhappy. 

Gomes said: "I noticed a lot. So much so that I had the opportunity to talk to him. And he was unhappy at the club.

"Firstly, he couldn't communicate with anyone. And second because he realised the club bought him not because the club thought 'oh, he will bring titles to us because he is a good player.' No. Because they simply wanted to sell his shirts.

"This I heard inside the club, the people talking. 'Di Maria sells T-shirts, so let's buy him'. So he was not happy.

"Then I realised, after Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, the club lost interest in football. It's money, money, money. It's making money and that's it.

"So the players, when they try and decide who to buy, they will meticulously say: 'what will bring more money?' They are not thinking of bringing joy to the fans. They are thinking of selling."

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