Liverpool Defender Alberto Moreno Hopeful 'Brother' Philippe Coutinho Will Stay at Anfield

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Liverpool left back Alberto Moreno has revealed his hope for his 'brother' Philippe Coutinho to stay in Merseyside, during an in-depth interview conducted with The Guardian.

The Brazilian has been embroiled in this transfer saga with Barcelona for what feels like a decade now, and fans and players alike are keen to see the situation resolved, as reports continue to turn up linking him with a move in either January or next summer. 

Coutinho's teammate, and self-professed sibling, Moreno is among the most concerned about the playmaker's future, and yearns for the mercurial midfielder to stay with him at Liverpool.


The left back revealed: “I’ve said: ‘Brother, don’t go,’ He’s my friend and always will be, we get on very well, and of course [I will support him whatever his decision].

"I don’t know what will happen. If it was down to me, I’d love him close to me for life, always enjoying seeing him play football, it’s a privilege.

"It’s an honour to share a dressing room with him. He’s top, top. I see him train every day and he does things I’ve never seen before.”

“If I get to decide, Philippe’s not going. But I can’t interfere. It’s Liverpool, Barcelona and him, and they decide. He’s a big piece at Liverpool. Every fan, everyone who watches Liverpool, everyone who understands football knows that. 

"They know that if he goes, it will leave a big hole. But we’re Liverpool. We have a great squad and we won’t stop being Liverpool.”

The Reds face Southampton this Saturday in the Premier League, before turning their attention to Moreno's form side Sevilla in the Champions League on Tuesday.