By 90Min
November 16, 2017

It is fast approaching that time in the season that transfer rumours begin to gather momentum as we head towards the January transfer window. Manchester United's Paul Pogba has already done his best to ramp up the transfer stakes. 

Ever since the midfielder's alleged involvement  in persuading Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku to join him at Old Trafford, the French international has branded Agent P - 'The man that gets transfers done.' 

Reported by Sport Bible, it seems the attacking midfielder is back to his mischievous best with the use of 'Agent P's' call-card in his latest Instagram post, which has sent hordes of Red Devil fans into a frenzy with his use of the subliminal reference. This could ultimately imply that Dybala could be the next big name to join the Reds' crusade for domestic and European dominance.

Pogba sent Juventus striker and former team mate Paulo Dybala a 'special' birthday message as he turned 24-years-old.

"Happy completes my brother..." Pogba wrote, followed by the 'AgentP' hashtag.

It is commonly known that Pogba and Dybala are good friends from their time at Juventus where they formed an effective partnership both on and off the pitch. 

The Manchester United midfielder even decided to bestow a FIFA inspired nickname to the Argentinian forward - Square R2 due to the manner in which he would score a lot of his goals.

The fact that the use of the 'Agent P' hashtag can be categorised as being symbolic perhaps there could be something for Manchester United fans to celebrate in January? 

They might soon have their own prolific Argentine striker that can rival that of their city rivals. 

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