By 90Min
November 19, 2017

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger declared that his side's first goal was onside and that Davidson Sanchez did foul Alexis Sanchez in the build up to the opener, despite the majority of people disagreeing with the outcome of both incidents. 

The Frenchman told Sky Sports: "I watched it again - it's not true that he was offside. And it was a foul. When we concede goals, it's absolutely normal, even when they are a yard offside. When we may be offside, I have to answer that in a press conference."

The former Monaco Gaffer pointed to Arsenal's high level of concentration as one of the key differences between the two clubs during the North London derby: 

"We played with purpose, good concentration, the desire to be always efficient and with great solidarity from the first to last minute, The quality of our concentration was very high. We never had a minute where we could feel we dropped a little bit our focus."

Arsene Wenger also praised the high standard of the game between two of England's top teams: "Overall it was a very intense game. When you look at the performance of the two teams, it is absolutely through the roof. The players produced an immense performance on both sides.

"We have 22 points today. We are a few points short, but if you analyse our game, I can show you why."

Following their 2-0 victory over Tottenham the Gunners are now one place and two positions outside the top four. 

However, if Arsene Wenger's team can reproduce the quality they showed in the North London derby every week they will surely secure a Champions League spot for next season.  

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