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November 20, 2017

Sunderland have received quite the boost after hiring Chris Coleman, who stepped down from his post as Wales manager last week to take over affairs at the Stadium of Light.

The Black Cats, relegated from the Premier League last season, have found themselves in a similar position in the Championship, rooted to the bottom of the table, with little hope of climbing out.

That was before hiring Coleman, though, as things could possibly change soon. But the Welshman has admitted that he is "under no illusions" as it relates to the club's financial clout, and he was well aware of the situation before agreeing to take over as manager.

“The January transfer window will depend on maybe we will have to regenerate some cash ourselves," he said, via The Northern Echo. "I am under no illusions."

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"We have got what we have got, I haven't been promised a huge transfer kitty that I can go and splash the cash, it is not that.

"So, I knew that before I walked through the door. I know the players we have here, we can improve the players we have here, yes we need to reshuffle the squad, clearly.

"I am not saying anything that nobody knows already. I am not going into the January transfer window with millions of pounds to spend but it can be something to invest.

“I have just walked through the door so I have to get my feet under the table before I can go back to the chairman and say 'right this is what we need, we need this, that.' 

"At the minute I have only been here a day. Before I have that conversation with him I will need to take a closer look.”

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