By 90Min
November 20, 2017

Irish international Cyrus Christie was subject to disgraceful abuse from Twitter following Ireland's 5-1 defeat to Denmark which saw them fail to qualify for the World Cup in Russia.

The Middlesbrough man was targeted after the game by a troll who tweeted, “You’re worth f*** all mate go play for Jamaica you ugly… b*****d”, as reported by The Sun

Following the incident, fellow Irishman James McClean hit out at the racist comments. Speaking at the PFA Ireland Awards, McClean was angry about the tweet.

"Everybody watched the game and it was poor, we know that. But some of the comments afterwards, which my Instagram post was about, went beyond football.

Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

"One player in particular was told to go and play for Jamaica. Make of that what you want.

"It really upset him. My comments weren’t based on football, they were more personal.That’s for a player who has been a good servant to his country and it cut deep.That player was in tears, by the way. You’ve just missed out on the World Cup and then to have that..."

McClean's comments really put into perspective that the players that we see on television in the biggest matches are humans after all, and like us and they should be treated as such. The actions of the Twitter user is not acceptable, it would not be acceptable in any circumstance. 

Footballers are unfortunate when it comes to these situations. They are in the public eye 24/7 and due to their profession people think they can say whatever about whomever, but as this proves some things are better left unsaid. 

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