By 90Min
November 21, 2017

An unfortunate Spanish police officer was sent flying ahead of kick-off for the hotly anticipated Madrid derby on Saturday night - and even more unfortunate for him (and not so much for everyone else), it was all caught on video.

Ahead of the Wanda Metropolitano's first ever hosting of Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid, the crowd can be seen gathering as the atmosphere begins to heat up an otherwise chilly night in the Spanish capital. 

With two officers on horseback, cautiously making their way down the steps outside the stadium, it's obvious something is about to go wrong:


Hold your horses! Steedy on! The pun possibilities here are endless.

Bet you feel a fool for intently watching the feet of that black horse, don't you? Anticipating its demise before the grey steed behind it comes crashing down.

That poor old officer. Imagine falling from an eight foot beast, only to land on cold concrete stairs. He's fortunate to not be admitted to a - wait for it - hors-pital. No?

He's had a mare (snigger). A very equestrian-able decision when you think about it, though. Why not simply climb down from the animal and walk it down the steep stairs? And now he's all over the internet.

Aside from hilarious horse puns, the match itself was a bore. Ending in a goalless 0-0 draw, the highlight of the game was Real's Sergio Ramos receiving a very bloody, and very broken nose. 

In the meantime, Antoine Griezmann has now gone on his longest run of Atletico games without finding the back of the net (eight matches), and Cristiano Ronaldo continues his woeful conversion rate - having scored only one of his last 55 shots in La Liga.

The horse falling was probably the most entertaining part of the match.

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