By 90Min
November 29, 2017

Luis Suarez was more upset than Lionel Messi after the Argentinian's strike - that clearly went well over the line against Valencia - was not registered as a goal.

Messi's shot was fumbled by Valencia goalie Neto, with the ball hitting his legs rather awkwardly and rolling past the goal line. Yet the match referee, Iglesias Villanueva, had the ball sent back into play without a change on the scoreboard.

Spanish football show El Día Después had lip readers relay exactly what was said during the melee that followed the disallowed goal. And Suarez, as you must have expected, was extremely disrespectful.

"Eres un cagón. Enano de mierda," the Uruguayan was said to have told the referee (H/T Diario AS).

This roughly translates to :"You sh*t yourself. You f*****g midget."


Messi probably had been more angry. But the lip readers have revealed that all he said was: "Can we talk? Can we talk? If this is the line, it was there.

"It was a goal."

The game would finish at 1-1, with Jordi Alba having to come to the rescue eight minutes from time, following Rodrigo's opener in the 60th minute.

"Technology would be the best solution in those situations where there is no doubt, football needs that," Andres Iniesta said after the match.

"There was no possible different interpretation and those who need to implement the necessary equipment should continue analysing this to bring it as soon as possible."

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