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December 04, 2017

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola recently stressed the importance of having numerous different players scoring goals this season, reducing the reliance on a single individual or small group of individuals and avoiding a drop off in results should they lose a key player or two.

"We cannot win the title just with one or two players scoring. Our attacking midfielders, especially and our defenders have been scoring goals. That is good," Guardiola said last month.


City have had 10 different players contribute to their impressive tally of 46 goals in 15 Premier League games. As many as eight of those goalscorers have netted two or more.

Interestingly, there are other teams whose goals have been even more spread out, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Watford all boasting 12 different goalscorers. There have also been 11 different players in the Arsenal squad who have found themselves on the score-sheet at least once.

However, it is only United who can match City's tally of eight players scoring at least twice. That figures drops off with Chelsea (5) and Watford (6), where there have been more players who have scored just a single goal this season. There are seven Arsenal players who have scored at least twice in the league so far this season.

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Tottenham's reliance on Harry Kane and a select few individuals is clear to see based on their figures. Only six different players have found the net for Spurs in the Premier League so far this season, but five out of those six have scored at least two or more goals.

It is a similar story at Everton, where goals have only been shared among six players.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, further down the 'GF' column, teams like Burnley, Newcastle, Bournemouth, West Ham and West Brom have had a good spread of goals. All have had at least eight different goalscorers in the league this season.

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The lowest number of goalscorers belong to Huddersfield, whose nine Premier League goals have been scored by only four different players. Three of those have scored twice, though.

Crystal Palace and Swansea have scored the joint fewest goals in the division with eight each. Fighting relegation, both clubs have had five different goalscorers, but only a single player finding the net on at least two occasions.

Number of Different Premier Goalscorers Per Team So Far in 2017/18

Club Goals Goalscorers Players on 2+ Goals
Manchester City 46 10 8
Manchester United 35 12 8
Liverpool 33 10 5
Arsenal 29 11 7
Chelsea 28 12 5
Watford 25 12 6
Tottenham 23 6 5
Leicester 20 7 4
Everton 19 6 5
Stoke 18 7 4
Southampton 15 7 4
Brighton 14 6 4
Burnley 14 8 3
Newcastle 14 9 4
Bournemouth 13 9 3
West Ham 13 8 3
West Brom 12 9 3
Huddersfield 9 4 3
Crystal Palace 8 5 1
Swansea 8 5 1

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