By 90Min
December 13, 2017

Brazilian winger Neymar asked to temporarily return to Brazil last weekend and told Paris Saint-Germain manager Unai Emery that he had an "important thing" in his family that needed sorting out. 

However, it has since been revealed that the former Barcelona man was spending time at his friend's birthday party before also dropping in to see his trusted dentist.

After missing PSG's match with Lille on Saturday, French media reported that the 25-year-old was returning to Brazil to spend time with his sister, Rafella. 

However, pictures of Neymar surfaced with Guilherme Pitta, the father of close friend Reinaldo, after attending a birthday party.

"Thanks for the visit," Guilherme wrote on Instagram. "You're still the same guy, that's why you're loved, thank you Neymar, a great gift to receive you at my party."

Speaking about the incident ahead of PSG's match with Strasbourg on Wednesday, Unai Emery said that it was important for Neymar to maintain the "human element" of being a professional footballer.

"He called me on Saturday morning to tell me he had an important thing in his family and asked me if the club and I agreed to let him go to Brazil," Emery told a pre-match press conference ahead of their Coupe de la Ligue match.

"It was important for him," he added. "The human element is important, sometimes the work goes into the background."

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