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December 16, 2017

Mousa Dembele has hit the jackpot after the Tottenham ace discovered a treasure haul worth £1m in the basement of a Belgium-based building.

The midfielder struck gold when archaeologists found a hoard of 18th Century valuables in a 700-year-old building in Antwerp that he is set to turn into a hotel.

The London Evening Standard explained that Dembele had called in historical artefact experts to run the rule over the building before he begins renovation work on turning it into - ironically - De Gulde Schoen (the Golden Shoe). 

Upon entering the basement, however, the team found an assortment of porcelain, glass, pottery and tableware that could be more than 200 years old, and hadn't been found before due to the basement not being listed in the building's plans.

Archaeologist Tim Bellens said: "We found the items in a closed-off area in the cellar. It was pure chance, as the space did not match the building plan.

"The Dembele family want to build a spa and swimming pool in the basement, and invited us to look at it first.

"It is unclear why and how the items got there, but maybe it was stuff the owners wanted to get rid of. The building seems to have been a high-class tavern or hotel in the past."

Dembele's sister Assita added: "This is something unique, and it fits perfectly with the building's historic past."

Dembele has offered to display some of the historical finds in the hotel upon its completion, while other bits of the collection will be sent to museums for curators to look a look at to properly date them.

It's quite typical that a multi-million pound footballer would find such a haul instead of a regular patron, isnt it?

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