By 90Min
December 20, 2017

Lionel Messi's older brother has escaped his sentence of house arrest by posting up a €100k bail. Last week, Spanish newspaper AS reported that a judge in Argentina ordered Messi's brother, Matias, into detention after the illegal possession of a firearm. 

Matias was sentenced to house arrest in his hometown of Rosario after police found a gun on his drifting boat on November 30th. 

The gun in question was found on his boat that was stained with splattered blood, which lead to his arrest. The investigation of the incident is still shrouded in mystery, but with tests ongoing police will seek to find out if the gun was recently used, and whom's blood resides on the boat. 

Sourced from The Sun, Matias told a security guard at a private fishing club that the blood that covers his motorboat came from when he collided with a sandbar.

Image by Yvens Tiamou

It is not the first time that Matias has had a brush with the law, and it is not the first time that said brush with the law has been gun-related. This is now the second time Messi's brother has been arrested for possession of a firearm. 

No longer under house arrest, Matias' conditions of his bail dictate that he can move freely around Argentina, though he cannot leave the country. If found guilty of his charges Matias could serve the jail sentence between three-and-a-half to eight-and-a-half years in prison.

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