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December 20, 2017

Retired Manchester United manager sir Alex Ferguson was always known for some brilliant quotes. From selling a virus to Real Madrid, to coining the popular phrase 'squeaky bum time'; the Scotsman always had the ability to entertain.

And now, with Manchester City looking increasingly likely to win this year's Premier League, many are reminded how the side used to almost be irrelevant to the Red Devils. Instead, the most enticing rivalry came between United and Liverpool.

Ferguson always seemed to hate the Reds, who have failed to win a league title since 1990; and given sir Alex's way, they'd never win another:

"You must be bloody joking," he laughed, when interviewed back in 2007, asked if he would like to see the Anfield outfit win a title to keep competition going between themselves and United.

"Do I look as If I'm a masochist ready to cut myself ? How does relegation sound instead - bloody hell! 

Stu Forster/GettyImages

"I enjoy winning at Anfield more than anywhere else. It's a historical thing and although Liverpool may be desperate to beat us we are desperate to win too - it's not a one way street this.

"Historically and geographically we are the two most successful clubs in this country, so really, what do you expect?"

As the Premier League table stands, United sit in second, with Liverpool in fourth. Although the Reds have spent much of the 21st century out of sight when it comes to winning the league, there has been a marked improvement (albeit slow) in their gradual climb up the table in recent years.

Perhaps over the next few, Ferguson's greatest fear might be realised.

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