Check out some of the newest boots on the market, which make for top items on any holiday wish list.

By 90Min
December 21, 2017

It's almost that time of year again, and for those of you who still haven't bought Christmas gifts for your respective loved ones yet, there's no need to panic - we've got you covered. 

Below we've compiled a list of the sickest new boots on the market that would make perfect gifts for your football-obsessed family and friends.

Let's take a look...

Predator 18

Image by Sam Sank

Brand: Adidas

Modeled by Manchester United and France superstar Paul Pogba, the latest version of Adidas' famous Predator line features "CONTROLSKIN", which is said to improve the first touch of those who don the boots.

Pogba will be hoping that the "TOTAL CONTROL stud alignment and a CONTROLFRAME outsole" will help the Red Devils to catch Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table.

Mercurial Veloce CR7

Image by Harris Freedman

Brand: Nike

Nike has commemorated Cristiano Ronaldo's 5th Ballon d'Or win with a gold version of the Mercurial Veloce CR7 boot, which he will be wearing into the new year.

The company have installed a "data-informed plate with chevron studs" on the latest version of the Mercurial line, intended to give the wearer an added boost of pace to emulate the superstar whose name is included in the title.

One 17

Image by Sam Sank

Brand: Puma

Is it any coincidence that Manchester City sits atop the Premier League with Sergio Aguero at the helm scoring nine goals so far this season? Those at the giant German sports brand would like to think there's not.

Aguero debuted the boots in October, which have a smaller version of the knitted sock that is almost synonymous with all football boots these days. The Puma One also features both blades and round studs to improve stability on almost all surfaces.

Hypervenom Phatal DF

Image by Sam Sank

Brand: Nike

There's always that one player on the football pitch who has to go out and buy the latest boots, which are so striking you almost need sunglasses on the pitch to look at them. Well if you know someone like that then Nike's Hypervenom Phatals are a good choice.

Modeled by PSG's Neymar of late, the boots feature the dynamic collar and a "NIKESKIN upper" to improve ball control, something that the world's most expensive player of all time knows all about. 

Nemeziz 17.1 FG

Image by Sam Sank

Brand: Adidas

Want a boot that fits like a glove? The Adidas' Nemeziz 17.1 FG is the one for you due its "AGILITY KNIT 2.0 technology which hugs the foot for that perfect fit and response from the first kick."

The knitted sock has been designed to give extra ankle support, so for those who are looking for a boot that provides extra protection look no further. Oh and it looks amazing with its stylish black and blue design.


Image by Sam Sank

Brand: Puma

Ground-breaking due to it's adaptable NETFIT technology which allows wearers to thread the laces in any way they see fit, the Future 18.1 Netfit was first showcased at the Madrid derby by Antoine Griezmann in November this year.

Different styles work for different players, and the FUTURE boots allow for that - with specified lacing styles suggested for skillful flair players, sharpshooting strikers, burn-the-touchline fast wingers and more.

There's no doubt these boots will be a hit with friends and family, with the personalized lace-system sure to be a real winner on school playgrounds, back gardens and football pitches all over the country.

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