By 90Min
December 31, 2017

With January fast approaching, the Alexis Sanchez transfer saga is approaching its conclusion, with rumours rarely subsiding since his blocked move to Manchester City in the summer.

With Arsene Wenger purportedly now willing to let the Chilean leave for £35m, Mohamed Elneny could soon become just a former teammate, but at least for now the duo remain connected.

However, the Egyptian is evidently unafraid of prematurely burning his bridges, having taken to social media to hilariously troll Sanchez over his upcoming absence at the 2018 World Cup.

While the 25-year-old midfielder is ostensibly being tongue in cheek with his Chilean teammate, such a dig is hardly the most diplomatic of moves, although he is certainly not alone in the this department.

The tweet comes after reports in the Guardian that the 29-year-old striker was at the centre of an escalating divide at Arsenal, with certain players unwilling to celebrate with the forward after his two goals against Crystal Palace.

Speaking as a pundit on Sky Sports, Thierry Henry was quoted as saying: “There is a division in the team. He [Sánchez] is asking them to come and celebrate.

"Why are they not coming? Don’t you want to celebrate?"

Henry's fellow pundit Graeme Souness agreed, adding: “It’s a divided dressing room. Some of them are not having Sánchez and his situation. I think it’s clear."

While Elneny himself was not present on the pitch to display his discontent with Sanchez's attitude, he did tag known dissenters Hector Bellerin and Laurent Koscielny in his aforementioned World Cup post, possibly aligning himself with the pair.

The duo were two of five players who were visibly muted when Sanchez scored, despite celebrating as a group when Jack Wilshere (amongst the five) also scored.

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