By 90Min
January 06, 2018

Deportivo Guadalajara footballer Moussa Sidibe has amazingly begged the club to let him go, with the Mali-born star claiming that he hasn't been paid since October and is being treated as a 'slave'.

Sidibe had not been paid since October 2017, with the club still forcing him to train as he is under contract. The third tier Spanish side are currently in extreme financial difficulties, with none of the players having received their salaries for nearly three months, as reported by the Sun.

Unlike his fellow teammates however, Sidibe's situation has become dire, and has launched a desperate plea to be released as he can't afford food. 

In a passionate post on Twitter, the 22-year-old revealed that his situation is 'unsustainable', he is 'perhaps dying of hunger' and incredibly that he is a 'slave'.

Sidibe also explained that he has been forced to hire help to take his children to school, that his parents can no longer afford to send him money, and that his club won't let him leave even though other clubs are interested in him.

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As you would expect, support has poured in for the player, with his statement receiving thousands of retweets. Thankfully on Saturday morning an agreement was met between the player and the club, however the details haven been reported, it is likely that the player is set to leave the club.

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