By 90Min
January 17, 2018

The introduction of VAR (or video assistant referee) has supposedly divided opinion throughout the footballing world. Is it necessary? Does it ruin the beautiful game? Is the world about to be overrun by robots? So many questions that only time will tell.

However, at 90min towers, we all know that the only opinions that matter are those of our readers. So we posed the question to you guys - Is the Premier League ready for VAR? And the vote is quite convincing...

We've now seen a few matches with the technology involved, and it seems to be working. There was slight confusion with Arsenal and Chelsea over the delay it took when analysing a penalty call from the Blues - but the right decision came out, and confirmed that the referee was indeed correct.

And it proved its worth again on Tuesday night when Kelechi Iheanacho was awarded a goal after being wrongly adjudged offside. It didn't really make much of a difference to the eventual outcome of Leicester's victory over Fleetwood Town, but it's nice to know that we can rely on it.

So anyway, enough chat, let's see what you guys think of it...

Image by Ben Davies

With a dominating 72% of the vote, it turns out that you guys feel like the Premier League is indeed ready for the fancy new tech; meaning that 28% of you dinosaurs are still living in the stone age, and are happy for Mike Dean to continue to ruin football matches.

In good news, it seems as though these early tests have confirmed that VAR works - and we could be fortunate enough to see it in the Premier League as soon as next season.

For those of you that still protest that it will ruin football, you're probably the same people that demanded goal line technology would take away from the beautiful game. It's strange to even think that a few years ago that stuff didn't exist.

So do us all a favour, all 28% of you who hate evolution, and keep up with the times. It's 2018.

It's not as if we're about to move into robotic refs, and robot players - and crack on the verge of that really cool Nike advert before the 2014 World Cup, where football as we know it was saved by the original Ronaldo. Although, it would be cool to see that happen.

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