By 90Min
January 17, 2018

Former Tottenham centre back Federizo Fazio has claimed that he was pushed out of the club by chairman Daniel Levy - despite featuring in 33 games in his first season at White Hart Lane.

The bottom line is that he wasn't good enough for Spurs, especially once Toby Alderweireld arrived from Atletico Madrid. Fazio then spent a year out on loan with Sevilla, followed by another with AS Roma - before making his stint with them permanent in the summer.

And now, after seemingly rejuvinating his career in Serie A, Fazio has taken a swipe at Levy - claiming that the chairman simply decided that his career with Spurs was over:

"In the first season after I arrived I played 33 games with them. After that the president wanted to change, I don’t know why. I spent six more months there but I had already decided to leave," Fazio told Corriere dello Sport.


It seems that the Premier League - a competition which was too fast paced for the rather cumbersome Fazio - has left a bitter taste in the Argentinian's mouth, hinting that there isn't all too much passion in the English game:

"England is different, there is not much tactical work and when you go out nobody knows you,"

"The passion for football is different, Italians are more similar to Argentinians."

Regardless of whatever Fazio thinks of Tottenham, fans could be forgiven for forgetting his existence completely. The incredible duo of Jan Vertonghen and Alderweireld took the Premier League by storm when the pair first played together, and the club hasn't looked back since.

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