By 90Min
January 29, 2018

Anyone who doesn't rate Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak needs to read this next statistic right away, and realise just how good the Slovenian is compared to La Liga's other goalkeeping talents.

So Oblak has been knocking around for a few years now. Ever since Thibaut Courtois was sent back to finally become Chelsea's first choice stopper, the now 25-year-old has been Diego Simeone's go to man between the sticks - and rightfully so - as this following stat will reveal:

According to La Liga's official Twitter account, Oblak's first 100 games have been more successful than shot-stopping wizards such as Victor Valdes, Courtois and even Iker Casillas - by quite some distance too.

In his opening century, Oblak has only conceded 54 goals, which is quite frankly head and shoulders above Valdes (86 goals), Courtois (89 goals) and Casillas (104). On reflection, for a man once considered amongst the very best on the planet, Casillas' record is rather shoddy.

Anyway, getting back to how good Oblak is; his impressive achievement doesn't stop there, oh no. According to Transfermarkt, Oblak has already achieved 58 clean sheets in the La Liga matches he has played - four more than the amount of goals he's conceded. Incredible.

Of course, there will be those of you that start moaning about how Atletico have an incredible defence, and how Simeone is a brilliant defensive manager blah blah blah. Give it a rest.

This season Oblak has made on average six saves per goal - via Squawka. How many has David de Gea made, you ask? 4.38. Courtois? 2.64.Gianluigi Buffon? 2.75. Marc-Andre ter Stegen? 5.4.

Everyone, button it. Oblak is decent at his job. Now go back to your day; you're welcome for this insight.

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