By 90Min
February 05, 2018

Former club president Silvio Berlusconi has criticised the current AC Milan owners but insists he would not go back to his former role.

The 81-year-old, who had owned the Italian giants since 1986, sold the club last year to Chinese investors headed by Yonghong Li.

Berlusconi has since showed his concern over how his old business is currently being run and has suggested the new chief is not working closely enough with the club.


"Yonghong Li ought to have a substitute here in Italy,” Berlusconi stated, when interviewed by TeleLombardia (as quoted by Football Italia).

The Italian went on to explain how he did things differently when he was in charge at San Siro.

"I interpreted the role in a completely different way, always staying close to the team and the players. I would phone the players up during the week, if someone was injured, I’d make sure they knew I was on their side.

“On the Saturday before a game, I was always in with them, talking about the opposition team and the match coming up.” 


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Despite the former presidents frustrations, he claims he could not be convinced to take back his role at AC Milan.

'Unfortunately, there’s no chance of me returning to Milan," he added. “Not even for my children, the fans or my friends.

“It was a decision I suffered through to sell the club, but it was a definitive one."

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