The Machester United Supporter's Trust (MUST) have responded to Jose Mourinho's criticism on the atmosphere within Old Trafford during Saturday's 2-0 victory over Huddersfield.

Mourinho said after the game that fans were not loud enough and that 'In here, the atmosphere is a bit quiet.' This came as a shock to many-a-football fan, with Old Trafford having a reputation of providing one of the best atmospheres in England.

Sky Sports have reported that MUST were quick to defend the club's fans, stating that any perceived lack of atmosphere is part of a wider problem in English football. 


MUST released a statement in relation to the criticism and it read: ''We note our manager's further comments regarding the poor atmosphere within Old Trafford following the Huddersfield home game. 

''The decline in atmosphere is by no means limited to Old Trafford, it's an issue affecting clubs throughout the country. And it's certainly not an issue specific to Manchester United supporters - our away support is widely acknowledged, by fair minded fans, as the best in the country.

''We believe that atmosphere is primarily dependent on the perceived relationship between fans and club - including the degree of supporter ownership and engagement.


''In the absence of any imminent changes in the former, we therefore concentrate on other areas where we can have an impact in the short to medium term.

''To that end, last week we met with Directors (both Board and Venue) to explore what can be done. We will be reporting on that meeting in the coming days.''