By 90Min
February 06, 2018

Serie A table-toppers Napoli and Juventus are looking poised to set a remarkable record in Italy.

The sides have both played 23 games this season, with the Partenopei leading the defending champions by just one point atop the standings, and they now share a combined 119 points.

Francesco Pecoraro/GettyImages

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That number marks the highest-ever tally between Italy's first and second placed teams at this stage of the season since three-point wins were introduced in the 1994/95 campaign.

The highest before that stood at 114, a sum put together by Juve and AS Roma back in 2013/14. The Turin-based side went on to win the league title that season and were on 60 points at the pertinent stage.

They took home the Scudetto under now-Chelsea boss Antonio Conte with a total of 102 points, a Serie A record, while Roma finished with 85 points to make up a total of 187 points.

The way Napoli and Juve are playing at the moment, they may very well amass more than 90 points each by the end of the season and smash the record.

This certainly makes the race for Italy's top prize a more interesting one, but Juve boss Max Allegri is obviously more focused on seeing his side win a record seventh-straight league title.

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