Andres Iniesta is unquestionably one of football's greatest-ever midfielders, making the game look simple as anything down the years.

The Spanish maestro has been at the heartbeat of many an incredible Barcelona side, and is credited as being an individual who makes the game look easy with his enviable intelligence.

The 33-year-old is nearing the end of his career now but continues to dominate games by dictating the course of play and allowing those in front of him to shine.

It should come as no surprise that Iniesta is an intelligent guy, with Spanish golfer Pablo Larrazabal revealing it was a trait evident when he was in school.

Larrazabal went to school with Iniesta and told a rather amusing anecdote about the star. He said, as quoted by Marca: "He [Iniesta] has always been the smart one. I can remember during an exam I would ask Andres what the answers were. He simply said I should have studied."


Iniesta, sitting beside Larrazabal as he spoke, had a different version of events. He laughed: "I don't believe this. We can't say this. I was sure that I let you copy me!"

Iniesta has made 17 La Liga appearances so far this season for Barcelona, which is decent going for an individual of his age and injury record of late.

The Blaugrana will be hoping he can continue to perform well in the middle of midfield as the club close in on stealing the title back from Real Madrid - they currently lead the way, nine points ahead of Atletico Madrid and a staggering 19 in front of Real.