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February 07, 2018

David De Gea will demand a new £375k-a-week deal at Manchester United, The Sun have reported.

The goalkeeper has reportedly been made aware of the lucrative contract signed by Alexis Sanchez on his arrival from Arsenal.

The Chilean forward became the highest paid player in the Premier League after agreeing a £505k-a-week deal with United.

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De Gea currently earns £210k-a-week and his current contract is set to expire at the end of next season.

United are believed to be planning to secure the long-term future of the Spanish international, who has emerged as one of the club's key players in recent years.

De Gea had, according to the Sun, originally been content to agree to a wage of £300k-a-week to draw his salary level with Paul Pogba's.

But after learning of Sanchez's contract, he is said to be hopeful of negotiating a further £50k.

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An Old Trafford insider said: “The financial reality has completely altered for David and his people in terms of what his next deal should be worth.

“Last year it was thought getting closer to £250k-a-week would be realistic. He has seen United have even deeper pockets that even they first imagined. He is ready to go to a lot more.

“The goalposts have shifted dramatically with what the likes of Sanchez, Pogba, Lukaku and Ibrahimovic are on.

“David knows his next contract could be his last big one and that Real Madrid are still hovering in the background.

“He also knows his true worth to United and that he should be paid commensurate to his standing and the rapidly changing market.”

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