The Brazilian legend has weighed in on the speculation that Neymar could join Real Madrid despite just moving to PSG.

By 90Min
February 08, 2018

Brazil legend Ronaldo has hailed Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar as a 'superb player,' one Real Madrid need as they only take the best of the best. 

As a former Real Madrid forward Ronaldo is well aware of the demands the Bernabeu places upon a player, and with Neymar linked to a sensational move to the Spanish capital in recent weeks, the pair could soon share more than a birth country. 

A move to Real Madrid would see Neymar follow in Ronaldo's footsteps as the 41-year-old once donned the Barcelona shirt before moving abroad only to return to La Liga with Madrid a few years later.

"Neymar is a superb player, maybe he will be the best in the world in a few years, and Real Madrid need the best," Ronaldo told Marca at the unveiling of Nike's new Mercurial 360 boots in London on Wednesday.  

With comparisons of the two players' career paths already being discussed, Ronaldo dismissed any suggestion that 26-year-old Neymar would rule out a move to Real Madrid due to his former allegiances - although he did admit that a move is unlikely to happen as quickly as some report.

He added: "Well, I didn't plan for anything other than being at Inter for five years, but then there was the possibility and I went because Madrid is a team where everyone wants to play.

"I haven't heard any official representative of Real Madrid say anything about Neymar. They should think about what they have and this year it's difficult for Madrid, they have to keep going and end well.

"The Champions League is a competition that they do well in and we will see how it ends, because everything changes very quickly in football."

However, in order to progress to the quarterfinal stage of the Champions League Real Madrid must first overcome Neymar's PSG, a clash Ronaldo believes will be won by a small margin. 

"It's a very difficult game, I am a Real Madrid ambassador and obviously I want them to win, but on the other hand I like PSG and my great friend Neymar is there, and everyone loves him.

"I don't have split loyalties, I hope it is a great game and the best team wins," he added. 

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