When something unexpected happens during a match, the one man who needs to keep a cool head is the referee.

Ligue 1 referee Tony Chapron obviously didn't get that memo, after he outrageously kicked FC Nantes defender Diego Carlos after a seemingly accidental collision during Nantes' fixture against PSG back in January, a move which has seen him suspended from football for a year.


Mark Clattenburg, now the head of refereeing in Saudi Arabia, showed his class yet again this week.

Following his highly applauded decision last month to pause the game as prayer calls from nearby mosques were heard, he has done it again by hilariously reacting to a player accidentally throwing a bottle RIGHT AT HIS FACE, which you can see below.


It was obvious that there was no intent by the lad to hit the Geordie ref in the face and thankfully Clattenburg noticed that too, even if he jokingly showed him a yellow card.

This is just the kind of moment we needed to forget the disgraceful actions of Chapron, and to remind us that match officials aren't just robots with a notebook and a whistle.