By 90Min
February 14, 2018

Russian footballer Stanislav Manayev has caused a huge amount of disapproval on social media after a video emerged online of him blowing his nose with 5,000 roubles - worth just over £60.

The video - which despite being deleted, is available via Marca - depicts Manayev travelling on a plane with teammates. The FC Tonso asks someone if they have anything for him to clear his nose with, before being handed a bunch of 5,000 rouble notes.

He then goes on to say: "I could give this money to people in great need, but I'm not going to do it because I have snot," and proceeds to blow his nose, and throw the note on the floor.

Upon being uploaded to Instagram, the video is said to have received a wide amount of hate for the controversial act - and was subsequently removed by the uploader. 


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However, it remained online long enough to capture the attention of Pavel Kolobkov, Russian Sports Minister. He wasn't subtle in expressing his feelings towards the situation:

"There is no doubt that the video points to the low cultural level of that player, I am sure it will serve as a lesson," Kolobkov said.

The Minister wasn't the only senior official to criticise Manayev. The head of the 2018 Russian World Cup organising committee also damned his actions.

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