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March 12, 2018

Liverpool are already due a hefty sum after progressing to the quarter-final stage of this season's Champions League tournament.

The Reds haven't made it to this stage of the competition since 2009 when they bowed out to Chelsea after a 7-5 aggregate loss. But they are finally rubbing shoulders with Europe's mightiest again, with Jurgen Klopp in charge, and it's already paying off.

According to the  Liverpool Echo, Klopp's side have already secured £50m from UEFA. The TV rights pool covers £20m, while £18.5m will come in the form prize money; the remainder is guaranteed for all teams who qualify for the group stage.

Liverpool recently announced a 20.5% rise in profits for the year up to the last day of May 2017, which amounts to £39m out of the total £364m in earnings. 

The figure pales in comparison to that of Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal, who announced earnings of £581m, £473m, and £423m respectively. But that is partially due to the fact that the 2016/17 season was one bereft of European football.

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Their profit of £39m, though, leaves them in fifth place in that category in the Premier League, with only Leicester City (£92m), Manchester United (£57m), Arsenal (£45m) and West Ham (£43m) recording more.

Their revenue did rise to £63m, but Tottenham (£96m), Manchester City (£82m), Arsenal (£72m) and Manchester United (£66m) all posted higher figures that year.

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