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Cristiano Ronaldo will be used to all of the attention he receives due to his status as a world class footballer.

As such, it's only natural that the Real Madrid and Portugal superstar will want to keep to himself away from the pitch to maintain some form of privacy, and may not always have time for fans who want to grab a selfie or an autograph.

Some, then, have found the best way to get to Ronaldo is to invade the football field where he's playing instead. Which is exactly what three different supporters did during the Netherlands' 3-0 friendly win over Portugal on Monday evening:


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Ronaldo was even the recipient of a kiss from the third and final pitch invader in Geneva, Italy, and, given how they kept interrupting the flow of the game, it wasn't surprising to see Ronaldo withdrawn from the action on 68 minutes by manager Fernando Santos.

It's always seen as something of a fun little spectacle by some when pitch invaders take to the field to meet their heroes, but at the same time there is a game going on and, well, it's a breach of security too.

It only takes one person to come on carrying a concealed weapon for stars to be put in danger, so much more needs to be done to stop fans getting on the pitch even if they are granted the honour of meeting Ronaldo et al.