By 90Min
April 16, 2018

Well, they did it. After the drama of the derby last week, Manchester United completely folded in half against bottom of the league West Brom on Sunday afternoon, leaving Manchester City the most unexpectedly expected Premier League champions since football began in 1992.

However, while football writers up and down the country scrambled to push something out about City winning the title in their rivals' shock loss to the Baggies, the Citizens had their own celebration prepped. And in the space of a minute and a half, Man City go from the most revered side in the league, to the pile of absolute crap that they were before the club was squirted with oily goodness.

Think Mondays can't get any worse? Watch this...

Where to begin?

First of all, where on Earth did all these fans appear from? Like, we all know that City fans are plastics, but you'd have thought these totally-not-CGI supporters would've shown their faces over the course of a season where Pep Guardiola was spanking teams for fun.

We're seeing a packed out Etihad Stadium (for the first time ever), along with streets and pubs lined with City fans. Not to mention all the way over in what you can only assume is Abu Dhabi.

Apparently a ginger kid can get the entirety of Manchester (which, by the way, doesn't seem to have any United fans anywhere at all) to start singing quite literally the WORST footballing chant the world has ever seen.

Apparently club superstars like Claudio Bravo and Phil Foden would be playing in City's final game of the season as well.

Is anyone else really triggered by the confetti in the pub? How about that taxi driver who isn't EVEN LOOKING at where he's going despite the fact that there are literally THOUSANDS of people in that street. Minor details, guys.

Well done City, you've managed to balls up the most impressive Premier League title win we've seen in years.

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