England Manager Gareth Southgate Dislocates Shoulder on a Run

England's manager will have to tone down the goal celebrations after dislocating his shoulder.
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England manager Gareth Southgate has joked that he may have to temper his future goal celebrations after being treated in hospital for a dislocated shoulder suffered while he was out for a run on Wednesday afternoon.

Having suffered the injury during a scheduled day off from training at England's Repino base, Southgate was treated for the injury in a nearby hospital with the assistance of team doctor Rob Chakraverty.

Southgate was a windmill of celebrations after Harry Kane's late winner got England's World Cup campaign off to a perfect start in Volgograd on Monday, but he admitted that he would have to cut back on such enthusiastic reactions for the foreseeable future.

"I might not be celebrating any goals as athletically in future!” commented the England manager for the FA website. "The doc has made it clear that punching the air is not an option.

“We have got such a great support team and they were there very quickly. They were supposed to be relaxing because we let the players have a bit of time off and I am causing them work."

Southgate returned to England's base in time for their evening meal and scheduled team meeting, and he was grateful that the injury had been caused to himself rather than one of his squad.

"It is better this is me than one of the players,” said Southgate. 

"They were a bit surprised in the team meeting and were asking ‘what have you been doing!?’ – as always, they were probably quite amused.

"I am just a bit gutted because I was on for my record 10k time!"

England's World Cup mission continues when they face Panama on Sunday afternoon in Nizhny Novgorod.