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A female reporter was sexually assualted last week during her live broadcast from the World Cup.

Reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran is a correspondent for German news station Deutsche Welle. During her live report from a city square in Saransk, Russia, a man ran up to Gonzalez Thoran, groped her breast and kissed her on the cheek.

Gonzalez Theran continued talking to the camera and remained professional despite the man's sudden attack.

Gonzalez Theran told Deutsche Welles that she looked for the man after she finished her report.

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"I had been at the scene for two hours to prepare for the broadcast and there had been no interruptions," she said. "When we went live, this fan took advantage of the situation. But afterwards, when I checked to see if he was still there, he was gone."

Gonzalez Theran posted the video on Instagram with a caption saying, "We do not deserve this treatment. We are equally valuable and professionals. I share the joy of football, but we must identify the limits of affection and harassment."


The man has yet to be identified.