Belgian star Eden Hazard has revealed that he supported France during their 1998 World Cup campaign, after pictures emerged of Hazard and his brothers wearing France jerseys when they were children. 

The Chelsea winger grew up in a French-speaking region of Belgium and has admitted that French success during the World Cup, which they both hosted and won, prompted him to support Les Bleus rather than his native Belgium - at the time.

Speaking to the Sun, Eden Hazard stated that both of his brothers, Thorgan and Kylian, also supported the French during that time.

"With my brothers, we have always been more supporters of France than Belgium because we grew up with '98.

"At the time, there wasn't the jersey of Belgium, that's why we wore the one of France.


"I do not want to denigrate the Belgium team of the time, there were very good players, but at the time, it was France."

Both Eden Hazard and his brother, Thorgan, will be part of the Belgium squad which will be playing against France in the World Cup semi-finals on Tuesday, where the Red Devils will be hoping to reach their first ever World Cup final.

Hazard has admitted that he believes that Belgium must stop Chelsea teammate N'Golo Kante if they want to stand any chance of progressing to the final.

"For me, he's the best in the world at his job. If Kante is on top, you have 95 per cent chance of winning.

"It's up to us to do whatever it takes to stop him from picking up the ball."