Bayern Munich boss Niko Kovac has suggested that his team may have gotten complacent after winning seven straight games following their group stage draw with Ajax in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

The manager watched his team go ahead before the fifth minute of the match, seemingly set to cruise to a routine win over their Dutch opposition. But Ajax hit back 18 minutes later and were actually unfortunate not to leave the Allianz Arena without all three points.


"Nobody expected that but that's football. When you fall, you always have the opportunity to get up," the Bayern boss told Sky Germany after the draw (H/T Goal).

"Maybe everything was a bit too easy. Now we have to roll up our sleeves. I know what struck the clock, that we did not win three games and we need to focus on the essentials again. That's not what I imagined personally.

"Now we have to quickly show the face that made us so good in the first seven games."

Kovac also blamed negligence and bad passing for the poor performance that has left his team without a win in three games, adding: "That was certainly not a good game from us. We did that very well in the first 15 minutes. Then we played negligently, won too few duels, every second ball was at the opponent.

"We simply played too many bad passes. We wanted too much, too fast. As a result, you build up the opponent and lose confidence. That was a winning point for us in the end. You have to see it that way."