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October 04, 2018

Former Chelsea stiker Tony Cascario has said that Tottenham will not come close to winning a title with Hugo Lloris in goal as he is not 'that good' and a 'liability'. Cascario even went as far as saying Burnley currently have three goalkeepers who are better than him.

This comes after Lloris was found lacking in his team's 4-2 defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League. The French number one left fans and teammates alike especially baffled when he came charging out of goal just 90 seconds into the game. He failed to get close to Jordi Alba on the edge of the area who was able to square a pass to Philippe Coutinho who only had a defender on the line to beat. 

Tottenham Hotspur v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Group B

This set the tone for the game as it immediately put Tottenham on the back foot. Despite Spurs making a comeback in the second half, Lloris would go on to concede another three goals and Lionel Messi would also hit the post twice.

Speaking to Talksport Cascario said: "Hugo Lloris is Tottenham’s club captain and he’s won the World Cup, but I don’t actually think he’s that good.

"He’s a great shot-stopper, he’s always had that ability, but I’ve never felt he’s been that commanding. He’s lightweight, he’s not very good with the ball at his feet and he makes rash decisions, he comes tearing out of his 18 yard box.

“I’ve never felt he’s going to be a goalkeeper that leads Tottenham close to a title. He’s a bit of a liability at times for Spurs and it’s cost them in some big games.

“He has these brainstorms in his game every now and again.”

Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Cascario drew comparisons with one of Tottenham's rivals Liverpool when he said: "I look at it in the same way as the problem Liverpool had with Simon Mignolet.

“They made a massive decision to go and get Alisson, because the manager knew they had to reach another level.

“I look at Lloris and I just think there are better goalkeepers out there who could be the number one for Spurs, and I think that will be the next thing Pochettino will do.

“I’d argue that Burnley have got three goalkeepers who are every bit as good, if not better, than Hugo Lloris.”

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