Slavisa Jokanovic has admitted his Fulham side are still yet to show their true colours in the Premier League, however he remains unfazed and determined to avoid a relegation battle.

Discussing his team's 5-1 loss at home to the ruthless Arsenal on Sunday afternoon, Jokanovic was disappointed but accepting of the gulf in class between the two sides and admitted his team were missing a number of essentials.

Looking over his Fulham side, Jokanovic explained to "I miss more solid, I miss some pace, I miss more challenge and this is what I am worried about.

"I must be worried when we play bad and lose, I trust we play well and have more options to win the game.

"If I can complain about last game against Everton, I can complain about our attitude and this side to find some victory in this away game, today we try and didn't make good enough, we offered some positive signs but it's not easy to explain the positives, especially after one hard defeat today."

In answer to questions about his team's capability at the Premier League level, Jokanovic argued: "In general we didn't show, in some part of the games, the Premier League level. We need to be more solid, faster and more competitive.

"My team showed that and great spirit, but in one moment they restart the things with so may punishment for their side and we didn't find enough power to come back to the game."


Moving forward, the Fulham boss has accepted that his side must improve at the back, with Jokanovic adding: "At the moment, we showed so many weaknesses for this level and especially in defensive side and we must find the solution for this problem.

"We spend the money because I trust we can find solution, but solution right now is in my hands and my players', we cannot be thinking about the money because this is our situation and we must find the solution."