Carlo Ancelotti will be delighted tonight, after declaring 'there is no risk in squad rotation' off the back of changing eight players in his Napoli stating XI who beat Sassuolo 2-0 on Sunday evening.

Ancelotti, who has experimented with ten different line-ups in as many games, has used 21 individual players in total this season.

“When you have reliable professionals in the team, there is no risk in squad rotation,” Ancelotti insisted in his press conference, as reported by Football Italia.

“Everyone puts in the effort and deserves to play, so I can rotate and choose each time within a large group of talented options. I’m not so mad as to change for the sake of it or if a player doesn’t give me guarantees."

Napoli begun the match at lightening speed, and Ancelotti noted room for improvement with his side's application throughout the entirety of the match. 


“We can improve in terms of consistency during a match, without taking these breaks during the 90 minutes.

“We played some really good football today, even if Sassuolo were not an easy opponent to deal with. It would’ve been more comfortable if we hadn’t wasted so many scoring opportunities, but we still controlled the game."

Adam Ounas opened the scoring after 125 seconds, and Ancelotti was pleased with the application of his rotated starting forwards.

“Adam Ounas made more of an impact with the goal, but Simone Verdi also did great work when attacking and defending on the wing.”

Lorenzo Insigne came off the bench to superbly find the target yet again, leading to Ancelotti being asked if this was 'Insigne’s Napoli'.

“It’s not my Napoli, not that of Insigne or anyone except for the President and the fans. That’s it. 

We are also not chasing Juventus or any other team, as our objective is to keep improving our performances to remain competitive to the end.”

Next up for Napoli is two consecutive away trips, as they first face Udinese in Serie A, before travelling to face Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League.