BBC pundit Garth Crooks has said that former Newcastle and England manager Kevin Keegan would make a very fitting candidate for Premier League chairman.

Keegan, a former forward who starred for Liverpool and helped the Reds win three league titles and a European Cup, won the Ballon d'Or on two occasions and is one of the most revered English football legends.


The 67-year-old has been tipped to land the aforementioned post by Crooks, who made mention of him at the end of his Team of the Week column for the BBC on Sunday.

"How good was it to hear from one of the greatest players England has ever produced this week? The interview with Kevin Keegan on Saturday's edition of Football Focus could have, in my view, lasted an hour," Crooks wrote.

"The two-time European Footballer of the Year spoke with the same passion and enthusiasm for the game that made him one of the greatest competitors I have ever seen on a football field. In fact I can't remember seeing a footballer with more courage.

"It was that courage that led Keegan to take the England job and that same nerve that saw him lead his beloved Newcastle United to the top of the Premier League table in January 1996. 

"It was also the same man who, as a player, made it crystal clear that he would stand squarely behind the PFA in the event of any attempt by the Football League to renege on their contract with the players' association.

"How fitting then, as he promotes his biography, My Life in Football, that the one matter that troubles him more than any other is the ticketing prices Premier League clubs are charging fans in this period of unprecedented wealth in the sport. 

"His almost desperate concern that businessmen appear to be running the game, at the expense of the man on the street whose presence brings the game alive, sticks in his throat.

"Keegan was always a man of the people, and should be at the heart of the game in some capacity to quell the game's commercial excesses. The new chairman of the Premier League perhaps?"

With current league chief Richard Scudamore set to step down from his post by the end of the year, there will be a vacancy at the helm of Europe's most entertaining division. As to who fills it is yet to be seen, but Keegan seems to be the man for Crooks.