Watch: Russian Player Scores on Spellbinding Backflip Penalty Kick Attempt

The way this player was able to mix soccer and gymnastics on his penalty kick will leave your jaw on the ground.
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Some goals are too great for words.

That is the case with the penalty kick Norik Avdalyan of the National Research Technical University of Kazan made in his Russian National Student League match against Cheboksary.

In the 55th minute with his team already up 1-0, Avdalyan stepped up to take the penalty. What transpired from there was a perfect blend of grace, skill and athleticism that made the score 2-0.

When Avdalyan kicked the ball, he didn't just send it toward the top right corner of the goal. He also completed a full backflip in the process to let everyone know that he can do much more than just score on a penalty kick.


And his team won the match 4-0.