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October 10, 2018

The Football Association and the Metropolitan Police are investigating claims of corruption and threatening behaviour by Fulham owner Shahid Khan, who has submitted an offer of £600m to buy Wembley Stadium.

The American billionaire has been in talks to buy the stadium since April, with the intention of using Wembley as a home for both football and NFL matches. The bid is being formally considered by a panel on Thursday, but these allegations may damage Khan's chances of securing a deal.


The report of these allegations comes from The Daily Telegraph, who state that the Met Police are looking into claims of “non-recent threatening behaviour” by Khan at Fulham's training ground last year.

Craig Kline, Khan's former assistant director of football at Fulham, has claimed that Khan is guilty of "systemic corruption", whilst also stating that Khan has threatened him after he reported incidents of financial malpractice within the club.

Kline, who has previously accused the club of racism and child endangerment, posted on Twitter to offer his evidence of these claims, with The Daily Telegraph also mentioning Kline's previous assertions that Khan instructed him to not discuss his attempts to move the Jacksonville Jaguars to London in 2022.

The allegations against Khan were initially reported by Kline last autumn, but he declined to pursue the case at the time. However, he has now contacted Scotland Yard and the FA to confirm he wishes to provide evidence in court.

Khan's spokesman, Jim Woodcock, stated that the allegations were completely fictitious and declined to comment any further.


Thursday's meeting of the FA Council is likely to be the final step in the sale of the stadium, with the majority of the £600m set to be reinvested on grass-roots football, including the constructions of several 3G pitches around the country.

Members of the council will likely be given a matter of weeks to discuss the proposal, before giving a final vote on the sale.

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