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October 10, 2018

Former Stoke City and Reading striker Dave Kitson has revealed the astonishing story of the time he attacked his manager Tony Pulis with a pair of scissors.

Kitson claims he and Pulis still hate each other to this day, after their relationship turned sour not long after he completed his £5m signing from Reading.

Their tumultuous relationship would lead to the former Reading striker attacking Tony Pulis with a pair of scissors.

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Speaking to the Talksport 2 show The Social Kitson spoke about the attack at White Hart Line when this heated and fractured relationship culminated in him lashing out and having to be restrained:

“Tony Pulis and I don’t see eye-to-eye,” he said. “Never have. He had left me on the bench for some reason or another. I can’t remember what it was.

“We went out onto the pitch as subs. You go out, you warm up, you come back in and the first-team are already getting changed, having their team talk and then they go out. As they come out the subs walk in.

“So, I was out on the pitch and Mark O’Connor came out and said, ‘look, the gaffer wants you all in’. No worries, so we all walk in.

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“Pulis said to me: ‘what are you doing out there? Blah, blah, blah’. At Tottenham, where we were playing, the changing rooms extend right back because it’s an old stadium. They are long and narrow. You go right back past the changing rooms, you pass the physio rooms, you pass the showers and then you get to the toilets at the back where I had gone for a number one.

“I heard this ‘it’s all always the same guys, it’s always the same guys’ and I thought, ‘I’m not having that’. So I turned around, came back and I said: ‘who are you talking to?’ This is right before the Spurs game, an evening game and he says: ‘I’m talking to you’.

“Anyway, the week before we had played against Chelsea and I had crossed the ball, Petr Cech had caught it, thrown it out and Frank Lampard scored in the last minute and we lost 2-1. My fault completely, I should have just kept the ball in the corner.


“So I basically had a go at [Pulis]. I lost the plot and I was saying to him ‘who are you talking to?’ and he went ‘I’m talking to you, you’re the guy who gets the ball in the last minute and costs us the game’.

“So I said: ‘It’s taken you a week to bring that up and now you’re choosing to bring it up before the Spurs game, when we’re just about to go out’.

“Everyone has stopped getting changed and they’re all looking in.

“In the middle of the changing room is a physio table with a pair of scissors on it and I picked up this pair of scissors and went for him.

“The whole changing room just jumped up and wrestled me to the floor.

“So, we went out and we were 3-0 down in about 10 minutes. I’m not proud of it but I just wasn’t going to let him get away with it because I was always first in and last out and didn’t appreciate that kind of accusation.”

It was out of character moment from Kitson who claims he has never been a ‘red mist’ type of person, but was simply pushed too far by Pulis.

Kitson and Pulis were never going to see eye to eye at Stoke, and this surprising amount of honesty from Kitson has certainly shown us one extreme example of when a manager and player relationship turns sour. 

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