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November 22, 2018

We've always known Harry Redknapp loves the camera, and the camera loves Harry Redknapp.

His new found success as a father figure to a jungle-themed Who's Who of British TV alumni (and the odd singer) has been a bit... unpredictable... but in a weird way, it makes sense.

However, being Down Under apparently hasn't stopped old Redders from being touted for his next job in football, with his name linked to the newly vacated Ireland manager's post.

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Even if he wasn't in the jungle wrestling pythons and struggling to chew down kangaroo meat, though, he is surely not a realistic shout for the Ireland job. Behave yourselves.  

Instead, he'd be better focusing on imparting some of his wisdom on his new-found contemporaries, as there's a few there this year who are showing promising signs should they decide to launch into a fledgling international management career.

With that in mind... here's the entire cast of this year's 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here', Harry Redknapp's adoptive family, ranked on their suitability for the Ireland job.

10 - Noel Edmonds - 2/10

Shows up a week late and now he thinks he's the emperor? Hope 'Arry does him in. 

His entrance tonight is getting some fanfare, but there's nothing else to go on as yet, apart from the fact he used to be on Deal or No Deal. No deal, Noel.

9 - Sair Khan - 4/10

"He dragged the story out to the point I thought he hadn't got the stars... but of course he did! I didn't doubt him for a second!"

Terrible start from Sair, the Coronation Street actor. She's contradicting herself all over the place.

Her cheery, bubbly personality doesn't lend itself to the horrors of international management either, especially not the nick Ireland have found themselves in recently. While she's probably the opposite, favourable extreme to Roy Keane, she'd be a poor choice.

8 - Nick Knowles - 4/10

"If we get it wrong, they'll be deeply offended, but I'll say it was your call and throw you under the bus."

On the face of it, Nick Knowles seems like he'd be suited to the management game. His rugged charm is endearing, and he'd initially be a likeable character in the dressing room. From his showing on 'I'm a Celebrity' so far, though, he looks like a terrible option.

He was willing to blame Emily Atack, a woman half his age, for his own failures, and then dragged her, literally dragged her, back to the camp when she threw herself onto the floor in dismay. Some of the worst man management skills I've ever seen, and definitely wouldn't get the best out of the Ireland squad. He'd be assaulted by the end of his first training session. 

Sorry Nick, it's not happening for you either.

7 - Malique Thompson-Dwyer - 5/10

So there's no quote to throw in from Hollyoaks actor Malique from this week's show, because he hasn't said much. He's kept his cards close to his chest, which isn't always the worst way to play it, but it's hardly going to inspire a struggling nation to a major finals, is it?

On top of that, he's impossibly handsome and puts most of the Ireland team to shame. They'd hate him out of jealousy.

6 - Rita Simons - 6/10

"I once gaffer-taped my brother up a tree."

Right, bloody hell then, Rita. She's certainly got the fear factor going for her. That East London edge she honed on her time on Eastenders would get the players running through brick walls for her, if nothing else. 

Sometimes that's all you need though. Let your assistant handle the tactics.

5 - James McVey - 6/10


James from The Vamps showed some promising natural management skills last night, seamlessly delegating the removal of a python from the Bush Telegraph to our Harry, without a question asked by anyone in the camp. You could argue it was an act of cowardice - but he got the job done and everyone was happier for it.

He also said he 'loves' listening to Harry. He's been taken under his wing, so by the time he's out of the jungle, he'll be ready to take QPR to the Premier League. 2.5 stars ability, 4 stars potential. Worth a punt for Ireland. 

4 - Ann Hegerty - 6/10

"What's the hardest question you've ever been asked, Anne?"

"Oh gosh, don't ask me anything about football."

OK, so probably not the best start when you're appraising her for a job in international football management, but I'm not entirely sold on The Chase's Governess' response.

She seems like the type that would tell you all about how they were going to fail an exam at school, before coming out disappointed with her band two A. 

Her questionable football knowledge aside, though, she's definitely a tough disciplinarian. She'd have the team organised, and set up not to lose. She's your safe pair of hands. ITV's David Moyes.

3 - Fleur East - 7/10

"Did you hear that story about the plane crash, where the people got stranded and then they ended up eating each other?"

Controversial man-management from Fleur, but it's glaringly obvious she's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Ireland could use that in their current state.

The suggestion of cannibalism also kicked Nick Knowles into action, as he had the dinner sorted out within minutes. The former X-Factor semi-finalist knows how to get people working for her.

2 - Emily Atack - 8/10

"When she's struggling with something, you immediately want to help her. But she doesn't need it all the time."

Emily's famous for being on the Inbetweeners, but I for one will be stunned if she doesn't go into management to some extent after her showing so far. 

She's a natural leader. She was the only one to offer to help Anne when everyone else was stifling a laugh when she struggled to drag herself out of bed (shame on you all), yet she knew when to offer help and when to leave her to it. 

Some skills you just can't teach. She's decidedly worth a shot.

1 - John Barrowman - 9/10

What a man. Stepped up to do the trial without even blinking, then swam through crocodiles and all sorts to deliver the ten stars, and the resulting three course meal, for the troops.

He's Captain Jack, and not just on TV. He puts his team before himself, giving up his bed for Ann when she needed it, and can constantly be seen trying to keep spirits up with his flamboyant charm.

You just know he's going to win it, comfortably, and then deliver a speech about how he isn't fussed about his personal success. And he'll mean it, because he's a hero.

Ireland, maybe don't even bother. John is destined for bigger things than you, lads.

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