By 90Min
December 21, 2018

Recently departed Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is said to be blaming 'weakness at the top' at Old Trafford as one of the principal reasons behind his downfall. 

Mourinho was sacked on Tuesday morning by Ed Woodward, in a face-to-face meeting following the 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield. The club are currently 11 points off Champions League football, and a whole 19 behind the Reds at the top of the Premier League.

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And, as reported by the Daily Mail, it was the weakness of the board in allowing former players to have a greater voice than they should that irked Mourinho the most, with a source close to Jose saying it negatively affected the club at all levels.

The source told the newspaper: "Jose had the utmost respect for Sir Alex Ferguson and (former chief executive) David Gill. He saw them as real football people with experience in the field and knowledge in the corridors of football and power.

"That is what he thought he was buying into when he took the job. He found that was not the case with those who currently run the club. He feels the weakness at the top allows former players to have a greater voice.

"If the club was stronger at the top then their negative views would not have such an impact in the boardroom, dressing room or stands."

The Portuguese tactician was apparently "saddened but philosophical" about how his Red Devils tenure had panned out, but the source was quick to add that he would not be retiring from football, and that his biggest regret was not delivering for the fans.

He continued: "He sees United as another part of his journey in football. The biggest sadness is that they did not deliver for the fans, for whom he has huge respect."

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