A Turkish footballer Mansur Çalar is currently under investigation for allegedly slashing opposition players with a concealed razor blade, during a match between Amed SK and Sakaryaspor.

The two clubs have a strong history of rivalry, and their fans have been involved in violent clashes in the past in a rivalry that reflects tensions within Turkey. Amed SK, the hosts, play in a Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, while Sakaryaspor come from the south-eastern region of the country.

According to the Daily Mirror, Çalar has been accused of concealing a razor blade on his person during the match, and slashing his opponents during flare ups in the fierce contest. After the match (which ended 1-1), Sakaryaspor players posted pictures on social media showing the injuries they allegedly suffered at the hands of Çalar.

Sakaryaspor supporters are also thought to have been involved in foul play on the day in question, with a group of ultras allegedly raiding the Amed SK dressing room before kick-off - a chaotic scene in which their manager, Sertaç Küçükbayrak, was reportedly kicked by rival fans.

Despite the damning video evidence, Amed SK has branded the claims as 'propaganda', and posted a Tweet stating: "The people who make dirty propaganda about our player Mansur Çalar are going to pay for it."

Fans have called for Çalar to receive a lifetime ban from the game, while others have implored the Turkish footballing authorities to punish Amed SK severely.

The verdict of the investigation is yet to be reached, and it remains to be seen what punishment Çalar and his club will face for the incident.