"Agent Benitez, do you copy?"


"Agent Benitez?"


"Agent Benitez. Do. You. Copy?"


"Agent Benitez, pls copy...?"

"Agent Benitez here. I Copy."

So, hands up if you expected Liverpool to drop points tonight? 

Exactly. No one. 

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, expected a game against Rafael Benitez's Newcastle United - a team 'on the beach', managed by a modern Liverpool legend - to be the one in which Liverpool's title challenged was derailed. 

And yet, out of nowhere, it nearly was. 

Out of nowhere, Liverpool looked on the brink of brink of throwing away the title on a (probably, it's really far up north) cold night on Tyneside. 

Despite it all starting so well, as Virgil van Dijk, or as he's better known, THE GREATEST DEFENDER TO EVER PLAY FOOTBALL IN THE WORLD EVER, gave Liverpool the lead: 

Then out of nowhere, Christian Atsu levelled after a defensive mix-up in a usually watertight Liverpool defence. It was the winger's first goal since the dawn of time, and it couldn't have came at a worse (yeah, you guessed it) time for the Reds: 

Fears that Rafael Benitez hadn't shown his side the script prior to the game however, were quickly relieved before half-time. Liverpool fans collectively breathed a deep sigh of relief when Mohamed Salah gave his side a 2-1 lead. 

All was right with the world again. 

Balance had been restored.

Jurgen Klopp was happy. 

Liverpool fans were happy.

Rafael Benitez was happy...?

Until Salomon Rondon, out of nowhere, scored an astonishing volley from just inside the penalty area to draw Newcastle United level and send Tyneside into raptures:  

Following Rondon's goal, all seemed lost. Liverpool were struggling to create anything in the final third, and Mohamed Salah was stretchered off with an apparent head injury; a head injury which could see the forward miss Liverpool's clash with Barcelona in midweek. 

And then, OUT OF NOWHERE, Divock Origi (of all people, right?!) popped up in the 85th minute to give the Reds the win: 

And that was all she - or he (Rafael Benitez) - wrote. Liverpool would hold on for a crucial 3-2 win and with a lead at the top of the Premier League table just eight days before the season comes to an end.