Brighton goalkeeper Mat Ryan has said that he wants Liverpool to win the Premier League title rather than Manchester City, ahead of the Seagulls' final day clash against the Citizens on Sunday.

City have a one point lead ahead of Liverpool going into the final set of games of the season and will win the title with a victory against Brighton regardless of the Reds' result against Wolverhampton Wanderers.


Australia international Ryan has said that Brighton's game against City on Sunday has made him think about the infamous Premier League title-deciding game between Manchester City and QPR in 2012.

That day City came from behind to score a dramatic late winner to win the title and Ryan has admitted that having close Liverpool connections has meant that he wishes to thwart the Citizens' title bid.

"The most surreal thing is having friends and family who are Liverpool supporters and having the opportunity to have such a big influence on history," he told The Mirror.

"I can't help but think back to Manchester City a few years ago when they played QPR [who finished fourth-bottom in that 2011-12 season, the place Brighton now occupy] and they almost caused a big upset.


"I keep imagining and hoping in that situation, to make that big last-ditch save to affect the result. If you can do that in similar circumstances, that would be a memory I would cherish for the rest of my life.

"A couple of mates I grew up have been messaging me. The more I think about it, the more I'm remembering the messages I've got! That's probably the most surreal thing about it."

The 27-year-old added that he has a great feeling of anticipation ahead of the game due to the magnitude of it.

"Now I'm playing at this level it feels natural, the more experience you get. But the fact that there is so much as stake and a title on the line, it just feels so big. I remember the hype around that City and QPR game those years ago and how the whole world was invested in it.


"It's nice to be part of that. If we can disturb the party it would be nice."

Both games kick off at 3pm, with Brighton having already secured their Premier League status despite a poor run of form towards the end of the season.