Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann was forced to halt production of a second documentary announcing his decision to leave the club, before he released a video on social media confirming his departure.

Amid strong rumours of his pending exit to Barcelona last summer, Griezmann went all-in on the fanfare, releasing a documentary entitled 'La Decision' on Spanish TV, in which he announced that he would be staying at the Madrid club. 

That killed any speculation for the time being, but after a difficult season for Atletico, the saga has arisen from the dead, and went into overdrive when the the club put out an announcement from the 28-year-old on social media, in which he thanked the club for his five year stay, but confirmed he would be moving on. 

According to Spanish Radio station El Larguero (via Mundo Deportivo), the striker planned to go beyond his dramatic announcement, and actually planned a second 'La Decision' style documentary, but the club weren't having it this time around. 

Presumably aware of the announcement he was going to make, the club held a meeting with the player on Tuesday, and informed him in no uncertain terms that there would be no second documentary, and instead seized control and announced his decision on social media.


Interestingly, the first instalment of 'La Decision' is believed to have been produced by Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, but it seems unlikely that would have factored into the club's decision.

It's not yet clear whether Griezmann will indeed be heading to Barcelona, but they remain strong favourites to secure his signature this summer, and mercifully put an end to the long-running saga.