From Madrid - Great spirits, great weather, good moods. 

It's been a pleasant Friday in Spain. Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp are both in good moods ahead of the Champions League final. It's the biggest game of their respective careers - only the other man and his team stand in the way of glory.

90min's Ben Haines, Tommy Milanese and I, Scott Saunders, were at the Wanda Metropolitano to watch over each side's training sessions as they prepared for Saturday's game, and here's six things we noticed.

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Harry Kane Is Definitely Fit

Everyone with the slightest bit of interest in this game is wondering if Harry Kane is fit enough to start. He certainly looks it.

Kane completed the full training session in front of the media, and but for a ballooned cross on his left foot towards the end of a practice match, he looked as sharp as ever.

Pochettino wouldn't confirm it, but he's definitely starting, isn't he?

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Son's Looking Sharp, Which Is Very Good


He's been banging them in. Right foot, left foot, whatever. All the same to Sonny. Ice cold.

Funny that just after writing that, he's gone and missed two shots into two different goals in a row, with his left foot...we'll ignore that.

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Neither Side Practiced Penalties


Must be confident of a win, I'd imagine!

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Roberto Firmino Looks Absolutely Fine

Jurgen Klopp confirmed the Brazilian was fit in his pre-match press conference, and Firmino came through the full training session for Liverpool comfortably. 

He even scored a nice little rabona goal. Classic Bobby. Didn't turn his head though.

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You'd Hope They've Got The Bad Habits Out of the Way Now...


Liverpool are known for scoring a lot of goals. A lot. Loads of them. But you'd hope they've been getting all the bad habits out of their system this evening given the frequency they were missing chances during an attacking drill. Skies galore.

Said in jest, of course. 

It was a mighty impressive drill - and you can see just how Klopp's players get in the positions to score the goals they do by what they work on here. Several minutes were spent feeding the ball into the box, and passing to the flank before crossing back in. Seen that somewhere before.

One touch passing, movement, incredible intensity. 

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Mohamed Salah Still Doesn't Have a Right Foot


In a training match, Mo had his chance to score on the right hand side. It seemed easier to score with his right foot in that situation (it was quite similar to the one in Barcelona) but he cut in and missed. 

If he does that tomorrow, Liverpool would that make you feel? 

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