By 90Min
October 03, 2019

Another Thursday night, another depressingly dour outing for Manchester United in the Europa League. But at least that traumatic television experience with Astana yielded three points.

Against Dutch side AZ Alkmaar, on the other hand, the gruelling endeavour that is watching United on the continent was repaid with just one point, and zero goals. 


In any case, obviously this got people talking on Twitter. A big talking point early on - and it made sense because, well, it seems important in a football - was the fact that, with 42 minutes gone, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side had mustered - wait for it - ZERO shots on target.

Some were surprised:

Some were focussed on personnel:

Some were resigned:

Some were philosophical:

And some were resourceful:

Still, there was some joy to be found when the Red Devils finally found it within themselves to summon up a shot on targe-oh wait, no, that never happened. 

Sure, there were six shots aimed at Alkmaar goal, but none found themselves testing Marco Bizot between the sticks. 

NONE. For the first time in their history in the competition.

This obviously spelt bad news for United boss *checks notes based on evidence displayed in the last 90 minutes* Jose Mourinho, and it wasn't long before fans were calling for the Portuguese tactician to go.

Of course, it was actually the 'Yoot' playing Solskjaer who was in trouble with the fanbase. A lot of trouble.

You know, If I speak, I am in trouble, but I think Ole's troubled time at the wheel could be in trouble. Maybe.

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